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May 12, 2009


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My wife and I will be closing are account soon. Whether all the banks do this or not is not the point. Bank of America is a predatory lender, and should be stopped.


Take your money out of banks and into local credit unions. I actually earn a small amount of interest on my checking balance, and I get ATM charges refunded to me.

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This is interesting. I probably don't watch enough news to know what's going on in the banking world, but I've had Bank of America for a couple of years now, and it may be that I'm just one of the lucky ones that get attention, or maybe my boa bank is the best customer service boa bank there is, but I have always had a positive feeling about them. They remember my name and where I'm from, what sport I play and they have always helped me out in the best way possible when I needed it. But like i said, I live in my own little bubble so I don't really know what other people have experienced.

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