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April 21, 2009


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Roy, I hear you. I'm a bit of a disgruntled BoA customer myself...but I'm not sure where to go. Like many people I became a customer of theirs by accident. After a bad experience with Chase (after they were swallowed by Chemical) and moving out of NYC I chose Summit Bank specifically for their small size, low fees and accessibility. Plus their online banking (in 1999!) was pretty good. Then they were eaten by Fleet. Who merged with BoA. So...now here I am.

But...I get a preferred Home Equity interest rate with them for having my other accounts there. And who is going to give me prime -.75% on a LoC now? Tell me and I'm there.

Ken Lewis


This logo is a tour de force! When I showed it to my Gov Relations team, they loved it.



Thanks for voicing Roy. I am with you. We need to make our voices heard in washington. There is legislation being written now to begin to re-regulate these usury thieves.

Forrest Covington

Great idea! I have blogged your video!


I am caught up in a BofA mortgage modification scam and about to be foreclosed on despite the fact I qualify. BofA has carefully orchestrated a way in which to us the Save our Homes program to instead seize our assets. I am starting a grassroots org in my community hoping to make lots of noise. Would you consider letting us use your new improved logo for our cause? Oh and I want the thong what a great Christmas gift it would make for that special someone CEO.

Armelle Vincent

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I've been writing checks conscious-free for 1 year now!


unfortunately i do not think this walk out had an impact like they thought it would. was worth a great shot though. mad props to them.

Sarah Sloan

Never give up! I'm quitting today. I'd rather have a rate hike on my mortgage that give one cent to a bunch of criminals.

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