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October 21, 2008


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Josef Katz

Thanks for the help on our site. Take a look at it today. We have made some changes since you handed off the site. Of course your feedback would be great.


Roy, before you post videos like you did you really should research what you are talking about.

1. Bank Bailouts--costing tax payers a lot of money. --Us taxpayers are going to make a lot of money off of the bailouts. These banks did not borrow the money for free. The taxpayers are getting these funds back at a hefty return. The banks that have already paid the funds back have paid them back with very nice size returns.

2. Will you ever buy a Chrystler or a Chevy again? They took some pretty nice size bailouts. Are you mad at them?

3. Do you know how credit works? Was your rate increased because you paid late so many times over the last 12 months? If that is the case then that means you defaulted on your agreement with the banks.

4. If Bank of America just increased your rate for no reason then you received a letter at least 2 months before they increased your rate. This letter gave you the option of staying at your current rate and never using the card again or go to the increased rate and you can use your card. --the reason that they did this is because at your current rate they were going to lose money and they were willing to lose this money if you didn't use your card anymore. They are not dumb and are not going to let you get more money out at a rate that they are going to lose money at. This is why they gave you the option. You wonder why the rate would be that high is because credit cards are based off of risked base pricing. The amoung of people similiar to your situation are charging off so they have to set a rate where they will not be losing money if they are going to give more money to you. You decided not to opt out of the rate increase so after two months they increased your rate. You had the option just like everyone else did. The only people that had rates increase to the real high rates are the people that defaulted in some way. The other rates all came with the option. I am a consumer myself but I read up on how credit works. People like you are encouraging more people to be idiots and causing more people to have the option of a higher rate or not to use the card anymore and stay at the current rate.

please do your research first before you make such a statement on the internet like you did

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